Trump Tower: Dominating the Chicago River

 With its 92-story structure and 423m (1,389 feet) was finally ranked the 6th tallest building in its time of completion in 2009, and the second tallest skyscraper in western hemisphere, only behind of the also Chicagoan Sears Tower.
The design of the building incorporates three setback features designed to provide visual continuity with the surrounding skyline, each reflecting the height of a nearby building. The first setback, on the east side of the building, aligns with the cornice line of the Wrigley Building; the second, on the west side, aligns with the Marina City Towers to the west. The third setback, on the east side, relates to the Mies van der Rohe IBM Plaza.

The trump tower dominates the river scene with its privileged location, did you know it was being designed to be the tallest building in the world before 9/11 terrorist attacks which changed the original plans?
Situated besides the main branch of the Chicago River with a direct view of the entry to Lake Michigan is named after billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump. The design of the building includes, from the ground up, retail space, a parking garage, a restaurant and lounge, a spa, a hotel, and condominiums. All these uses with impeccable service and lavish amenities, defenitively meeting all expectations attached to the name Trump in terms of luxury.
We are glad to show you first hand some of the impressions we had in our architectural visit. We were completely amazed!
Skyline Architecture- Sears Tower -Hotel Room
Hotel room – Flabbergasting views to the Wrigley clock tower
Very cozy studio apartment
Old fashioned living room – Two bedroom apartment
SONY DSCSuite bathroom – Two bedroom apartment
Ridiculous living-dining open space – Four bedroom apartment
Very cozy kitchen
If you liked it so far wait for what is next!
To finish our visit, Trump Tower staff took us to the Penthouse! We couldn’t believe it, what a privilege being able to experience this unique space!
Located on the 89th floor its 14,260 square feet – 1325 square meters cost 32$ Million, and  it is still on Sale! If you are willing to buy it you have to know that the finishing materials and furniture are needed, so add around 10$ Million more to the budget 😉
​Its so immense you can’t see the ending of the continuous space, your sight can only reach the curving light line of the windows while they slowly bend. The ceiling is also higher than usual, widening more, if possible, the space.
Well…. here are some pictures we took 😉
Entrance Hall – Penthouse
Endless curving space – Penthouse
SONY DSCSuper high ceiling – Penthouse
So high you might find yourself inside a cloud – Penthouse
In fact, in the time of its completion in 2009, Trump Tower hold the highest residence in the world, only beaten now by The Burj Kalifa Dubai. Both skyscrapers designed by the Chicago based firm Skidmore Owens & Merrill.
If you are not planning on buying any of these apartments you can always be delighted with the breathtaking views from the Sixteen Restaurant terrace, on the first building setback on 16th floor.
Definitively the most decadent condo skyscraper we have had the opportunity to visit!
Enjoy your Trump Tower experience and feel free to share your stories with everyone! Safe travels Skyliners!!


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